Take a Chance

Wow, Take a Chance did far better than I thought it would so thank you to everyone who bought it. I hope you enjoyed reading about Tom and Seb and the journey they took.

I went to Canal St regularly and met quite a few of the people who ‘worked’ there. Some so young they should have been at home doing their school work. It was sad and frustrating that these kids were in this situation and worse that a number wouldn’t accept help because they were afraid. Most had escaped a horrendous home life and didn’t want to risk the chance of being sent back home.

Some didn’t want to end up in the system so chose a life on the streets instead. As I’m writing this, the news is that up to 90% of all homeless people are now addicted to ‘legal high’ called Spice. For as little as £5 they can escape the life they have, but unfortunately, some are overdosing on it.

I’m writing this and I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure what the answer is. Some people don’t want any help and others do but some fall through the cracks and are lost. There are services available, yet there are some who won’t accept the help.

With spending cuts hitting deep, it’s up to us, who can help, to help. Food, money or time and help those that want it.

Food, money or time. Help those that want it. At the end of the day, we’re all human.

Thanks for reading and take care.

M xx

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Terrible Twos

Terrible Twos came out in January and I was surprised how well it did, so thank you to everyone who read it. I hope you all enjoyed it.

A lot of the experiences Zach had with his two nephews were what I experienced with y two boys. It was fun writing about what they got up to when they were younger. Now they are older they’re getting up to much worse!

The hospital scene was a difficult one to write as that was what I went through when my grandad died. I wanted to write it as a way to deal with what happened.

He didn’t die in a crash, but he had dementia and he did die in hospital. I arrived a few minutes after he had passed away, so I spent some time with him holding his hand.

He was a huge presence in my life and to this day I still miss him. He was a man who told it like it was, with absolutely no tact whatsoever! The number of times I had to apologise to someone when he’d said something that he didn’t consider offensive, but actually was…too many to count!

It’s been almost four years now since he left and I still reach for the phone to call him.

At least he’s with the love of his life, my nan. He never stopped loving her and talked about her every day after she left us.

That’s what I want too.

Take care xx

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Struggle, Part Two in the Crossing Desires series is live!!!

It had ben a long, hard struggle to get this one out to you but I eventually made it. Thank you to everyone who had taken the time to buy/read it and for leaving a review. As I’m sure you know, reviews are so important to authors, so again thanks for taking the time to leave one.

I have a blog tour coming up and a book blitz, so I’m sure you’ll see Struggle around facebook and twitter.

Terrible Twos is currently being edited and should be out soon. Details to follow.

Thanks and have a great day!

Megs xx

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Putting the finishing touches to my first novella, Awakening. It will include a link to a free short story called Growing Pains, which is also on the home page.

I hope you like both. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Megs x


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Valentine’s Surprise

Valentine’s Surprise Short Story.

It’s live and free until Feb 14th. My first story with a sneak peek of my first novella, Awakening.





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