Breaking Free, Book four in the Second Chances series is set for release in Feb 2018.

It will be available in eBook and print from Amazon and also available in KU.

Luke Bell

Three years after leaving a life on the streets behind, Luke is in his first relationship with Sarah, a woman he met on his University course.

When they unexpectedly break up, Luke has to deal with the fallout: cyber bullying and questions about his past.

Struggling to deal with what the bullying brings up, Luke meets the teaching assistant on his course, and a close friendship develops. As they grow closer and emotions deepen, Luke questions the decision he made never to have a gay relationship.

When Luke realises that he is in a relationship, he needs to decide to continue and face the shadows from his past or walk away and never look back?

Krish Bashir

Krish, an openly gay man, has been attracted to Luke since the first moment he saw him in the lecture hall. Knowing Luke isn’t gay, and in a relationship with a woman, Krish is surprised when Luke is suddenly single and the victim of a bullying campaign.

As Krish supports him through this difficult period in his life, they gradually become closer.

When Krish’s parents express their concern over Krish and Luke’s developing relationship, Krish has a decision to make. Does he stay with Luke or does he walk away?